Reduce and donate

Waste reduction is the easiest, most effective way to lower disposal costs. Check out these County and non-profit agencies, online exchanges and other resources to help you reduce waste or donate your workplace items.


Businesses generate more than half of the total waste generated, and approximately 75 percent of that is made up of paper, plastic, metal, glass, organic and other materials that could be collected for recycling.* Learn how to get started or improve your workplace recycling program.

Food waste and organics

If food scraps or leftover food are a major waste stream for your business, recycling organics (food waste, food-soiled paper and plants) might save you money. There are a variety of options depending on the type of food scraps your business generates. These include:

Trash and disposal

For disposal options for workplace items and locations of area landfills and transfer stations, look up materials by name.

Licensed recycling and trash haulers

Waste haulers that collect waste in the rural area must be licensed by Dakota County. All haulers that service the rural area provide single sort recycling (all materials go in one cart), but not all haulers collect the same materials for recycling.

  • Check with your hauler for specific material acceptance.
  • Check out the list of service providers that are licensed in Dakota County. All haulers on this list are licensed to collect from businesses in the rural area.