• Recycle more to meet Dakota County’s new 75% recycling goal. Keep up to date on the ever-expanding list of items accepted curbside and at local drop-off centers.

What you can recycle, and where:

At the curb:

What can go in your recycling cart at home?

Each hauler accepts slightly different materials based on the technology and end markets used at the recycling facility. Find out what materials your recycling hauler accepts for recycling.

Overflowing recycling cart?

Dakota Valley’s tips to get more out of your recycling cart.

Drop-off: Electronics and hazardous waste at The Recycling Zone (free):

The Dakota County Recycling Zone is a recycling, special waste and household hazardous waste drop-off facility located in Eagan, MN. The facility accepts electronics, hazardous waste and other materials for free from residents year round.

Drop-off: Cardboard, paper and fluorescent bulbs at rural locations (free):

Residents can drop off the following household items for free recycling:

Cardboard recycling (ONLY)

The City of Farmington and DSI have partnered to provide recycling of clean, dry card-board (un-coated and un-waxed). Break down your boxes before placing them in the container at one of the following locations:

  • Schmitz-Maki Arena, 114 Spruce Street, Farmington
  • North of Freely’s Elevator, 420 Second Street, Farmington
  • Rambling River Center, 325 Oak Street, Farmington

Cardboard and paper recycling

The City of Hastings and Tennis Sanitation have teamed up to help increase the recycling of mixed papers throughout the area. Mixed papers accepted include: cardboard, newspapers, junk mail, box board (cereal, cookie and cracker boxes) can be placed in the recycling container at:

  • Terry’s Hardware, 375 West 33rd Street, Hastings
  • The St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, 106 West Main Street, Vermillion collects paper as a fundraiser. Call 651-437-9030 for more information.

Compact fluorescent bulbs

Drop off your burned out compact fluorescent bulbs (no tubes) at the Merchants Bank, located at 23280 Main Street in Hampton.  Contact the Merchants Bank or call 651-437-9535 for drop off hours.

Drop-off: Recycling options for other household items (free and fee):


  • Recycle organics, food scraps and yard waste.
  • Compostable items comprise 30% of what we throw away.

Food waste

Americans waste 25% of all food and drinks we buy, wasting $1,600 each year for a family of four. Learn how to minimize or prevent food waste and how to compost food scraps.

Yard Waste

It is illegal to put yard waste in the trash.Don’t be stumped. Find a convenient option to get rid of your braces, twigs, grass clippings and leaves.


  • Repair what you can.
  • Remove your name from unwanted mailing lists.
  • Buy in bulk.
  • Find out just how easy it can be to reduce waste at home.

content-residentsDonateReuse and donate

content-residentsTrashTrash disposal

Disposal may be the only option when an item can’t be reused or recycled. Use local disposal options such as landfills and transfer station location
If you’re not sure whether an item belongs in the trash or recycling, find out in Dakota County’s Green Guide.

Recycling and trash haulers

Haulers that collect waste in the rural area must be licensed by Dakota County. All haulers that service the rural area provide single sort recycling (all materials go in one cart), but not all haulers collect the same materials for recycling.

  • Contact your hauler for specific material acceptance.
  • For more recycling and disposal information, visit Dakota County’s Green Guide.
Licensed rural residential recycling and trash haulers:

  • Gibson Sanitation
    Collects recycling weekly. Collects trash weekly.
    Call 507-263-4330 for more information.
  • Dick’s Sanitation/Lakeville Sanitation
    Collects recycling every other week. Collects trash weekly.
    Call 952-469-5161 for more information.
  • Highland Sanitation
    Collects recycling every other week. Collects trash weekly.
    Call 651-458-0043 for more information.
  • Inver Grove Sanitation
    Collects recycling every other week. Collects trash weekly.
    Call 651-336-9979 for more information.
  • Republic Services
    Collects recycling every other week (with some weekly). Collects trash weekly.
    Call 651-455-8634 for more information.
  • Waste Management
    Collects recycling every other week. Collects trash weekly.
    Call 952-890-1100 for more information

 No burn barrelsBurning and burying waste

It is illegal for Dakota County residents, including farmers, to burn or bury solid waste such as paper, plastic, cardboard, aerosols and other garbage. It causes pollution and poses health threats.

Take garbage to a local disposal facility or contract with a licensed hauler.